tirsdag 20. oktober 2009

Update of my life

Hi people.
It's been ages since I had the time to get in here and give u all a little update on whats going on in my life.
The birthday party (4th of July - Yes I know it is a L O N G time ago - lol) was a great sucssese. I would love to post some of the pictures from that party, but first I have to make some mini albums with the pictures to all the guests, as a little "thank you for making this the best party ever".

Last week I was in Dublin, to take a look at the school I hopefully will be a student at next year. My plan is to get my bachelor in Interior Architecture. So people, if there is a creative society in Dublin or somewhere near D please tell me!!!
If not in D it ahould not take to long time get a flight over to UK - I know there are atleast a "few" people over there who share my hobby.

This autum is my last semester at my interior designer education. Working alot with the tasks we are getting, just 2 more left before I get my excam..

I also go to the "peoples university" and take a class in photography. I thought I was to post the pictures every week, so u can take a little look into my photo shooting. This 2 weeks i have taken about 1500 pictures, but after sorting out the best only 16 are left and 11 of them I'll take with me to class...
I use a Canon camera, and I will try to post all the pictures I deliver every week.

Every time I post u can coment on them and every week (off course, it depends that someone make a coment here) I will pick out one person who will get a post card on one of the pictures. The winner can choose what picture he or she wants - from that week..

Here u have this week's pictures. the task was to play with the Wb function.
The pictures are from Oslo centrum (by night), the Opera House, my garden and in a park here in Oslo.

Here u have last weeks pictures. That week we was to play with the Av and Tv functions. This are my best shots. the first 2 are the view from my balcony, and the other 3 are from our Opera house.

I realy hope u all are having the best of time.
I'll see if I can find some of the christmas cards I have made thise year (so far) and post them as well. Till next time, enjoy my pictures, make coments and hopefully one of u get a postcard from me.
Take care people!!