tirsdag 22. april 2008

Syversens extreme make over - cabin edition

Hi people, sorry i have not had the time to be here and update u of what is going on in my life lately, but here i am again.

I have started to school again as most of u know i guess, i am to become an interior arcitect - so i have a "few" in front of me in school (atleast 4 more yrs).

This is my first project. It was a small and old cabin from the 50's with about 30 sqm for use, and i have restored it so now it has about 60 sqm, and updated to 2008 standard.
I have some great solutions and very nice design as glassfloor with LED lights, steel stairs, waterfall in the living room, stairs with LED light in the bricks, multi funtional furnitures ++

If u ever need any ideas of what to do with your home, a room, your cabin ++ feel free to contakt me and maybe that is the start of a nice new freindship...

I hope u enjoy looking at my pictures, and don't hestitate to coment if u like to, have a great day - Pelle

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Kirsten sa...

Møt meg på kolonihagehytta mi på 30 kvm og shine den opp! I dare you! *fnis* så koselig å se oppdatering av blogg igjen! Ser ut som om du trives med studiene!
Hilsen Kirsten72