onsdag 8. april 2009

Foccacia - my easter bread

Good morning people. I thought i could show u the bread i always make easter-time. I make small breads every day during this 5 days, then i always have fresh bread.
For u english people u can use this page to convert from metric into imperial.

It is a very simple recipe: (this one can fill half a pan (langpanne), if u want to doubble it, use twice the amount of everything just not the yeast)

- 11 dl flour
- 8 dl water
- 1 spoon salt
- One package of yeast (50 gram)

On the top of the bread:

- 3-4 spoons of a good oil
- 1 spoon seasalt
- 1 spoon spices

I start with 5 dl water, add half the yeast and stirr till it's dissolved. Then i add the flour and salt and keep on stiring. This i do by hand.

Then i put it all in the kitchen machine. Here i add the rest of the yeast that is dissolved in 3 dl water. I stirr this for a few minutes till all the lumps are gone.

I put plastic over the bowl and set it to raise for 30 minutes. U will see that it starts to bobble at once.

After 30 minutes i pour it in the shape that is dressed with bakingpaper and fry it in the own on 250 celsius for 25 minutes.

Below u see some "step-by-step" pictures. This bread is very tasty and easy to make, and fun to. The kids can join in making it..
Good luck, would be fun if you made it and told me what u think of it...
Happy Easter people..

This is all it takes to make this bread..

Here is the yeast in the water

I have now stirred it by hand, and are ready to put it in the machine. One can always stir it by hand all the way..

Now i have added the rest of the water/yeast mix and stirred it for a few minutes, u can see all the lumps are gone.

After 30 minutes under the gladpack it will look like this. If u have a small bowl it will go all the way up to the plastic.

The small boubbles are the sign that it is raising. Don't let it stay more than 30 minutes, if u do your done bread will be flat and dry.

I have dressed a shape in baking paper.

When pouring, the stuff shall cover about half the shape.

Here u see the oil and salt mix i use on top. I have bought this stuff at "Olivers & Co". It is very good stuff, and taste great!!!

Before it goes into own it looks like this. In the own, the oil will go into the bread and make it juicy.

Here is my easter bread. Be sure to take it out of the the shape when done. If u let it cool down in the shape it will feel wet in the bottom very fast.
This bread (Fuccacio) is very good and should not take more than 1 hour + a few minutes to make.
Good luck with it, hopefully i have inspired to u try it out!!!

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