mandag 1. mars 2010

bread = ONLY 40 g karbs

So new christmas is over (yes I know, a time ago) But time goes by to fast.
This spring semester I take a course in autoCad. Hopefully I'll move to dublin this autum while I go to school there for a year.
Right now I try to loose some weight. I have tried almost everything so now I try the low-carb diet.
For the others arround there trying the same thing and who miss bread, I will share with u my recipe. I write it in norwegian first, maybe some of the translated words are not the correct one, I used Google Translate for them. totaly this bread contains ONLY 40 g karbs!!!

6 egg (6)
2 ts bake pulver (1)
6 ss knuste linfrø (0)
90 g kruskakli (9)
75 g sesamfrø (8)
65 g solsikkekjerner (7)
5 ss olje (0)
20 g havregryn (13)
1 boks seter rømme (5)
1 ts salt
4 ts splenda (søtningsmiddel)

6 eggs
2 small spoons baking powder
6 table spoons lin seed
75 g sesame seeds
65 g sunflower kernels
5 table spoons oil
20 g oat groats
1 small spoon salt
4 small spoons splenda
3 dl sour creme (35%)

in the (..) u find the total amounts of carbs,,

Mix all the dry stuff together, add the eggs, oil and sour creme and beat it together.
In the own 55 minutes at 180 degrees.

U know this bread taste better than normal bread.

My goal are to try loosing about 30 kg. I'll add a picture of it next time a bake it.
to keep it, store it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

First week I lost 4 kg, my diet is to eat less that 15 g carbs pr day. Weekends is max 25 g

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