onsdag 10. mars 2010

How to make "the never ending card"

At first sight, the never ending card, looks like every other cards. but if u look a little closer u see there are different panels u can flip and turn over. This card give 4 sides u can decorate.

I will here try to show u how to make this card.

Under evey picture, just look at the number and i'll explain.

a) U need 4 picees of card stock, cut at 3"x6"

b+c) Score down at the center 1.5" vertical, and horisontal each 4 ends at 1.5" Use the bone folder to get realy crisp scores.

d) butt 2 pieces together having center score line going tohetger, vertical (up and down)

1) same as under D, make the 2 center line go together and put on some glue dots at every corner.

2-4) remaining 2 pieces center line will be horizontal. Make sure they pit perfect together.

5-6) to make all u're panles open, here comes the folding on your score lines. I have added some arrows to show u what panels to fold where. Take that little piece on 5) and fold like u see on pictire 6)

7) flip it over to the backside.

8) Now fold the center to the left and the outside are to go back under it.

10) turd it around and it should look like this. Now it is critical that u're cutting is perfect. Some of the panels will "overlock" and if there are many wrong cuts this part will be difficult.

11) the center line will go up, and the putline will go back and under again

12) here u see it from the side, how the folding are to be.

13-14) repeat this on the others side at u are soon done.

15) the last folding. Centerl ine in and the outside back and under the card.

The folding is now done. When u now are to flip the card, u can do it from this side. Just open any center line that shows up in u're new side and u'll see u can go on for ever...

the never ending card.

When u are to decorate this card. Do that after u are done glue it and fold it together. U'll see that on one of the sides (number 3) some of the decoration from side 2 will also be on side 3.

15) woops, this came 2 times...

Decorating: I use small glue dots to make this paper pieces glu to the card. It is important to use decorations who not built to high, like stamping, stickers, tiny charms, die cuts etc, etc..

Here i stick the last paper piece to the card, before i start decorating this pieces.

I have used different rub ons, crystals, different paper, bazzil etc, etc to make this card.

Below u see the 4 sides.

I made this a birthday card, to one of my good scrapbooking friends

Now good luck to u. would be fine if someone made it and posted a link to their blog with the ressault. This is realy a funny card to make, and also very easy. The first card i ever made took me about 25 minutes to cut, glue and fold. then off curse a long time to decorate, but that is just funny.

Take care and good luck!!

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Så flott tutorial! Og kjempe fine kort! Hilsen Cathrine