lørdag 8. mai 2010

Mini album, "Thats just so cute" challenge

This challenge at "Thats Just So Cute" was to make a kit and use it to make a card, LO, Album or any other project. For a long time I have wanted to make a mini album to Per and Tommy. We was at holliday together, December 2009. At Canary Islands..
I took a deep dive into my boxes with left overs and thought this perhaps was a perfect challenge to use some of this treasures.

My album is 6" x 6.5"

I made the front page of some plastic sheets I had lying around from back in school, when I took the interior designer education. On that I glued some Hably overlay, some print outs I made when i selected the pictures + a paper trim piece.

"Seilas". From the inside of the molo u see this nice house where the marina boss live and workes, on the other side it is ocean all the way to Africe.
I had a little piece og mesh, a rose and some paljets + some thickers, and hambly + half a rubons.

This is the view from our balcony, we was just a few meters away from the beach. Here I have several left overs from different papers, I don't know what they are..
At the end of the "Molo" this was one of our favourite places for picture taking. Ocean for as long the eye could see. In this page I have used planty of ribbons and trimmed paper. I tried to keep it in blue + that little pink "M" to be that little piece of contrast..
My boyfriend Tom is of all the persons I know a "icecream lover", so this LO is dedicated to him and his passion for icecrem. I made a little origami cup, and made a little sign saying just that, I found some metal "gitter", a pink rose, some hamly ++ and stiched it on. This is the one I am most satisfied with in the tiny album..
This pictures are taken in the mountain city Mogan. Here is one of our favorite resturants onm this Island. "Enriqes". We go here every year and have the best meal!!!
This LO was the most difficult, I am not sure if I am satiesfied - but I came to that point where I just had to decide - I'M DONE, cause when I continued to glue on it just look more and more like a trash bin... So here u find a little of everything - lol
We used to have a special place in Arguinegin, a resturant with very good food, and a perfect view. It was lying up in the mountains, directly over the sea, so one of the highlights on the holliday was to spend an evening here, see the sunset and have a great meal. This time we had the sunset and the view, but with new owners, a horrible chef and an interirdesigner - "out of function" this was our last vissit at this resturant. This LO I guess is my sort of - clean and simple -. I am realy not good at that, but this one actualy works for me with so little stach on..
My last page "100 x så dyrt", it means 100 times as expensive. The first picture is from our favourite resturant EVER, Clipper in Puerto de Mogan. It is a fish they made explisit for us. This dish is not on the menue. Price: 140.- euros (175.- $ / 1100.- nkr) The other one is a "hamburger" from a lunch place. Price: 1.40 euros (1.75 $ / 11.- nkr).
The fish tasted like a piece of heaven while the burger tasted like trash or paper...
Here i had some paper pieces, hambly, thickers and a piece of an christmas decoration that was destroid of my cats last year..
that was the end of my little album, I used just things from my kit + gluedots off course. I am satisfied with it and look forward to give it to the guys tonight..

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Isabell - Taranita sa...

Dette ble jammen meg et knall tøft album, veldig gjennomførte sider i tøffe farger og med kule detaljer.

Takk for ditt bidrag=)

toi9 sa...

Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar :)
Denne albumen ble kjempefin. Mange fine detaljer. Regner med de ble glad for den :)

pia iris sa...

dæsken for et stikig minialbum.
noe av det tøffeste jeg har sett. heldiggriser som får dette ja.
ha ei flott helg.
klem fra pia