fredag 9. september 2011

En hilsen fra hjertet

I made this "flip" card with the stamp "en hilsen fra hjertet" from heartfelt design , in english it would be something like "greetings from the heart".
I have used:
- glitter paper from panduro, this was something i got for christmas a few years ago, so I have no idea what serie it is from or who has designed it.
- the butterflies I made from one of the edge punches from MS
- the golden lace are from bakeshop
- different charms
- the little golden heart is a sticker
For the base -i have used a pink Bazzil.
There is different ribbons here, some silk, organza, lace and a golden metal thread.

When the card is folded in one can only ready "gratulerer" (congratulation), and when flipped one can read "med dagen" (on your day). I love this folded cards and are going to make or them..
I will compete in a challenge with this card. You can look more to it here.
Thanks for looking into my world today!!

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