lørdag 19. januar 2008

Lucky or Spoiled?

Today when I was at "Glassmagasinet" I saw this little beauty - and there was no chance I could pass it without - buy it. So now our cat, Alfa has it.
I thought, since she has an italian name - she has to have an italian eating plate...

Now I feel she is more like she wants to be, my little Allessi cat... (lol)

Atleast she does not look as if she does not like it.

Today I am also a very happy guy.

Next week there is a huge interior expo in Norway. First I was told (at school) I might get a ticket, then I was told - maybe u get a little of it. Like if the class get 5 tickets we all split on the costs. So I contacted some of the stores who are to be there. and thanks to some great companyes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark - me and some of my friends now can go to this "Expo".
All I can say is a huge Thanks!!!!!

Tomorrow I hope to do some scrapping. I have some great ideas, just had a little to little time lately, with all the new stuff in school... but hopefully I make it tomorrow.

Untill next time, have a great day!!!

Here u see our cat, she has just been eating and wantes to go out to tell all the neighbour-cats of her new present!!

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ninajeanette sa...

Kjempe søt pus; tror nok mine puser ville likt en slik skål oxo:)

er du ofte på treff på papertrends eller?