søndag 10. februar 2013

Happy birthday dear mother in law

It is so easy to forget that I have this blogg. I'll try to post more often, I still make cards so why not show you what I do.

This card -i made for my mother in law the other day. It was made in just one hour, if I have had more time I guess it would be looking a bit different..
This card I send to the North Star Stamps februay challenge; "Congratulation" - woops, I thought I was to do this but it seems my stamp was not from here... So I have to create a new card for this challenge..
I have used some paper from Pion and flowers from a basket I have here. since my mother in law are so into pink I have tried to have that as a main colour together with brown..
The butterflies comes from a MS puncher, ant the letters i did most myself with a penn, some glue and glitter from MS. + some leftover ribbons..
(my god, it has been a long time since i have thought of what i have used to make this cards... I'll do better in the future) The inside i made very simple, i used a napkin to cover the paper, a ribbon and a text stamp from North Star Stamps.

onsdag 25. januar 2012

Grorudtreffet arrangeres i april 2011

Jeg skal dit, håper å se mange av dere der også!!!

klems Pelle

fredag 9. september 2011

Christmas card

This year I started making the christmas card in the middle of July - maybe a little early, but we had alot of rain for a week or so - I spent those days in front of my desk and this one came out one day.
To make th tree I have used an origami tecnique. I have used several paper from my left over bin..
Around the page one can find some charms, defferent letters and tons of glitter (cause I think that belong to the christmas holliday - + all other seasons).
Inside my card, I used the same base as the front red and green Bazzil, + I made a small tree, some charms and I used a edge punch from MS to trim the top, so it could look like christmas trees.

I will partisipate in some christmas challengeswith this card fing out more about them: one  here and this one . I hope you all like the way some of the cards from me will look this year.

Kjære konfirmant

This card is made for a christian ceremony. some of you who have been around for a while can see that I have used some of my TOP favourite papers here. I talk about the Basic Grey "Romani" papers.
BG also have my absolut nr 1 favourite paper of all time "Lollipop shoppe". I was so lucky to get my hand of 25 of this papers a few years ago, and I know it is not possible to get more so this papers have their own little space in my scrapbooking room, where no one are to be let in...
Well, back to this card.
- as my base I have used blue, pink and aqua Bazzil
- The lace I bought on a gathers from scrapbookersa few yrs ago and the golden trimmed lace I got from bakeshop
- I have used lots and lots of charms that I have filled with glitter glue (aqua)
- The K letter I made myself with glitter and glue.
- from a hat pin I made this little rose creation in the right corner.
- the letter are a mix that got a little wrap in clear glue.

I made the inside in the same papers, and added an little envelope where the giver can place his or hers gift to the receiver. If you look closely to the tag you can see a little piece of my all time favourite number one paper from BG!!! you can see it in this picture below.. I have tried to spot out the one!!
This card I will place in this challenge.

Thanks all for looking - have a great day!!

BOM (from Mom to Daughter)

This LO I made on behalf of our neighbour Mom, whos daughter was to get confirmated earlier.
This are to be the front page pf her album, and she wanted me to create this one so she can take out elements in the rest of her album.
When I made this I used:
- different Bazzils in brown and blue tones
- the paper strip fra maja Design
- stars and heart shapes are from Heidi S
- arrows are from 7 gypsies
- the letters and charms are from all over
- the blue flower paper is from, belive it or not a toilet paper roll I bought in France a few years ago. I never used it - just brought it back with me to norway, and have had lots of fun with it. Sadely I now only have a few yrds left and in France they have stopped to sell this... So I belive this will be placed in my treasure bin soon..
- the ticket i have made my self, and there are some handwritten stuff here.

I realy love this one. Long time since I have made any LO's - so it is nice to see that I haven ot forgotten everything about it.

With this LO I will compete in a challenge, you can look more into it here.

Thanks for spending some minutes in my blog, hopefully I can inspire you to go back to your scrapbooking room, and create some amazing stuff!! Take care

En hilsen fra hjertet

I made this "flip" card with the stamp "en hilsen fra hjertet" from heartfelt design , in english it would be something like "greetings from the heart".
I have used:
- glitter paper from panduro, this was something i got for christmas a few years ago, so I have no idea what serie it is from or who has designed it.
- the butterflies I made from one of the edge punches from MS
- the golden lace are from bakeshop
- different charms
- the little golden heart is a sticker
For the base -i have used a pink Bazzil.
There is different ribbons here, some silk, organza, lace and a golden metal thread.

When the card is folded in one can only ready "gratulerer" (congratulation), and when flipped one can read "med dagen" (on your day). I love this folded cards and are going to make or them..
I will compete in a challenge with this card. You can look more to it here.
Thanks for looking into my world today!!

Thanks for helping out

One of my best friends has lived with me for a week or so, she needed someone to look after her after an opperation - and she choosen to stay with me. Back home where she lives she has one dog and one cat. she wanted me to create a card to say thanks for helping out for the Grandma who took such good care of her dog. This grandma is very into gardening, so I thought I could use some autumn colous for her.
I wanted this to be more than a regular card (cause I know this Grandma?) So I made it like a tiny book. It only has 5 pages so I am not realy sure I can call it a book..
I took a deep dive into my "left over" bin to create this one, so I am not sure on what everything is or was.. But I love the ressault.
- There are different Bazzils in red / orange/ yellow tones.
- tons of ribbons, same colours as the Bazzils.
- I think the design paper with the cirkles might have come from Scenic route Paper
- the glitter letters I have made myself useing glue and glitter fra Martha Stewart
- i have different types of charms and lots of letf of letters from all kinds of designers.
- for the tags I used a corner punch from MS

- the red "mask" looking thing, I belive that use to be something I used as a table decoration on some party once. but now it has gotten a new life up in my scrapbooking room.
- the orange plastic tag, I have absolutely no idea what it is. I found it in one of those bags in the left over bin. In here I think it found itself a new home.

Hopefully you like my 5 pages "thansk for helping out card". My friend liked it and that's what matters. I will compete in two chalenges with this card. It is  this and that.

Christian Card

For this cards I have used:
- different Bazzil in blue tones
- The design paper are from Maja Design, this one is "ømhet" from Du og Jag
- several types of trimmed lace
- silk ribbon
- buttons
- charms
- brown and blue ribbons
- the image is just something I have found on the internet ( I use to surch around alot for this nice images - don't hestitate to send me a mail if you like any of them)

The title is "til Dåpsbarnet", hopefully in 30 years from now there is a young man looking thru his cards from his Christian and find this little one.

I am competing in two challenges  with this card, you can find one here, and the other here.

Thanks for looking E1

Finaly back in Norway

Good morning everybody. finaly I am done with school for a long time. I just came home from Dublin where I took my BA as Interior Architecture. I am glad to let you all in my world again and hopefully I have developed since last time I was a regular scrapper.

Have a great day everyone, hopefulle you like what I can present..

mandag 30. mai 2011

40 års lag

Da er det duket for ny bursdag, iår feires dette 2. juli -sett av dato folkens.. Festen starter kl 18.00
Tema iår er : HATT
Pynt og dekorer en hatt/ lue.. Vær kreativ!!!
Hattens tema skal ha samme forbokstav som navnet ditt!!!!

Det kommer mer info etterhvert. Her er litt inspirasjon, sakset fra nettet

Velkommen, klems Pelle